Posted by: Randy | February 28, 2010

A few thoughts.

As I was reading quotes from President Reagan I found one that really applies to all of us trying to make a difference in today’s political landscape.

“Government is the people’s business and every man, woman and child becomes a shareholder with the first penny of tax paid.” Ronald Reagan, Jan 14th 1982.

How did this man get so smart where all the others in government today are so dumb.

And again from President Reagan;

“Government growing beyond our consent had become a lumbering giant, slamming shut the gates of opportunity, threatening to crush the very roots of our freedom. What brought America back? The American people brought us back — with quiet courage and common sense; with undying faith that in this nation under God the future will be ours, for the future belongs to the free.” Ronald Reagan, February 4th , 1986.

This is the only way we get our country back, follow the path of a true conservative President. First we have to get one in the White House.


Posted by: Randy | February 27, 2010

First Post of Many

This is the first post to Awake or Asleep.  I am going to ask that Rita Bonilla contribute to this blog when she identifies things that are dramatically different that is reported on Spanish language TV as opposed to English language TV.  Hopefully these things impacting all of us and dividing us can be in some small way mitigated.